LED Church Lighting 

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5 Ways LED Church Lighting Can Be Used

The moment people walk into the sanctuary of your church, they expect to be impressed by the environment. They want to worship, but they want to do it with style. LED church lighting can make the impact that will enhance your worship service. 

5 ways LED church lighting can be used:
  1. Place a center stage on the pastor and the rest of the worship team
  2. Add vibrant lighting in the background for worship
  3. Create an exciting atmosphere on the stage (and around the sanctuary)
  4. Extend the lighting into the seating areas for an immersive environment
  5. Combine the LED church lighting with video for displaying songs, Bible verses, and more
Deciding if LED Church Lighting is Right for You
Don’t let LED church lighting make you think of discos and mini laser shows. You don’t have to create a concert production each time your worship team gets onto the stage. Even the smallest of churches can benefit from a modern lighting setup – and with our church LED stage lighting packages, we can work with the size of your sanctuary as well as your budget.
Consider a few things as you decide if it’s worth the investment
Lighting is for Churches of All Sizes
We hear it all the time – we’re not a big church. That has nothing to do with wanting to create the best possible experience. With our affordable lighting systems, you can get the incredible experience that will have churchgoers worshipping in style.
We even have options for portable churches. When you don’t have your own space, we’ll show you what options can be used to help uplight walls, curtains, and other fixtures.
Some of the equipment we recommend include LED bars for the stage, moving head spotlights, and LED fixtures. With a full lighting controller, you can decide how the lights will work across your church – and we’ll even provide the training to ensure your AV team has the power to have an immediate impact on the lighting that will bring people to their feet when the music comes on.
Talk to Us About Your Options Today
Let our lighting consultant talk to you more about your options. We can get to know more about your church’s setup, including the different types of events that you have and the way in which you run your weekly service. It will allow us to make recommendations for lighting across the stage and throughout the rest of the sanctuary. We offer a wide range of LED Church Lighting on our affiliate site that can be customized to meet your event needs.
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Pastor Dimas Salaberrios 
Before & After

“My church is not presently rich in resource but in opportunities. We have had several television offers to have our service air on various television networks, but we had one problem and that was, the quality of our church video lighting was poor. As a result, our tapes were rejected for bad video lighting. After World Flux Production came to our rescue and guided and trained our volunteer team how to setup, troubleshoot, and operate for all our events. Infinity Bible Church now has professional church stage lighting, and best of all, our video tape recordings are now accepted by the television networks.

I highly recommend World Flux Production for your project.”

Pastor Dimas Salaberrios
Infinity Bible Church, Bronx NY